About Us



Slim Life Tea comes from small tea farms in China, our tea is hand-picked, single origin Red Oolong tea, that’s why every time you drink your tea you will taste same flavors. We care where our tea is grown so we work directly with tea farmers, this way we can control quality of our famous Oolong tea. Our tea is organic, and 100% non-laxative.

Our mission is to help you live a better, healthier life and to overcome everyday difficulties with ease. The idea is to bring health to world’s most popular drink - tea & to improve one’s life.

We are here to make difference in your life. Regular and sustainable consumption of tea can lead you to well-being and inner harmony. Slim Life Tea team is here to help you to live with healthy spirit, body and mind.

Slim Life Tea can be purchased in United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, United States on our official websites:

Also, Slim Life Tea can be purchased on Amazon UK and Amazon US.